Planning for a trip to Nebraska is itself a most exciting thought as you can enjoy a vacation in the natural Garden County away from the urban chaos. However, if you have never visited before, check out the following guide to ensure you cover the best places to enjoy.

Go bird watching

Go bird watching

Every year around the springtime, Garden County welcomes around 60,000 migratory Sandhill Cranes to its creeks and rivers. Several protected sanctuaries like Crescent Lake Creek, Ash Hollow State Park, and Clear Creek Wildlife refuge are open for all to enjoy birdwatching, scenic lakeside picnics, and wildlife exploration.

Museums and architecture are plenty around

As much as the county boasts its natural expanse, it is equally ahead in urban attractions, which comprise the region’s best-structured museums and memorial buildings. You can add the Historical Society of Garden County or Silver Hill Museum to your checklist to discover the best of American Indian traditions, tools, and history.

Concerts and events

Garden County is one of Nebraska’s counties still famous for nurturing its native American traditions and principles. Apart from the urban posh museums and gardens, you can find plenty of local artists donned in colorful barn quilts busy with street plays, theatres, local musical concerts, and storytelling. Be sure to look at all the signs made by

Apart from these, you can find restaurants and bars with live concert shows, cornhuskers games, open-air musical performances, and especially night-time entertainment in the best clubs, cinema halls, and breweries.

Outdoor activities

The county, full of open farms and a green expanse, is one of the major attractions for outdoor activities like horseback riding, trail hiking, and golf. Garden County has an exclusive collection of lush green trails near highways 26, 27, and 30. California Hill trail, Trail Swell crossing county road, Mormon trail, or Oregon trail are among the famous hiking and biking paths to add an adventurous touch to your vacation.

Become a wine and coffee connoisseur!

Wineries and breweries are not scarce in Nebraska’s gardens, and you can find hundreds of vineyards and organic wine manufacturing cottages to visit around the year. You can find several establishments like Bootleg Brewers, Loop Brewing company, SchillingBridge Winery, and Microbrewery around Garden County offering public tours and fruit collecting sessions for tourists. Along with wine, regional coffee in markets like Mark Ferrari Coffee also holds a high standard to enjoy a fresh brew.

Boating in river ranches

Fishing ranches are plenty around Nebraska, and boating is a must attraction that every tourist enjoys here. The most amazing fact is that you can hire boat guides here to assist you in deep-water fishing. If not the boats, you can also choose a water tank to have a scenic ride in the calm waters.

You shouldn’t miss the art galleries

Entertainment and culture apart, Garden County also has several mural displays and art galleries to flood your camera reels. You can find famous ones like The Most Unlikely Place Art Gallery, Blue Water Art Gallery, and several mural tours to enjoy mixed, contemporary, and traditional arts. If you search for Garden County art galleries near me on your visit, you might just end up with more than 40 places to cover!